Europe's Digital Future

Europe's Digital Future

Join Us to Discuss and Shape the Digital Future of Europe!

We connect and inspire a diverse and curious community of young Europeans to shape multidisciplinary discourse on digital technologies of the future
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Digitization has an ever-growing impact on our lives and our futures in and beyond Europe that becomes increasingly hard to understand due to its pace and complexity. While we, as young Europeans, constitute for the next generations of citizens, experts and decision-makers, our voices lack representation in the discourse with the political and corporate stakeholders who shape shape the future of our economy and society through and with technology.

With Europe’s Digital Future, we seek to change this by creating a hub for young Europeans that empowers you!

Knowledge Building

To learn about technology, the stakeholders who shape it and its effects on society by engaging with experts and peers


Access to a of a diverse and curious community to share perspectives and ideas


Engagement with political and corporate stakeholders to advance youth representation in discourses on Europe's digital future

We're Recruiting

Getting Involved

The non-profit initiative is growing fast, and we are looking for your support!


Role purpose 

  • Communicate youth perspectives on digitization to relevant stakeholders,
  • Develop paths for youth engagement and representation in decision-making processes in politics, industry and beyond,
  • Enable you to
    • advance curiosity and/or first insights about tech governance into more substantial policy-related skills
    • proactively advance our agenda on your relevant areas of interest
    • expand your networks to become a voice in European technology discourses


Role purpose 

  • Shaping EDF’s image towards stakeholders and the public. 
  • Creating Awareness with different stakeholders like policymakers, media, youth groups, academia and the broader public to facilitate tech-discourse and youth representation within it. 
  • Continuously conveying our message, spreading relevant news and creating engagement through various channels like our website and LinkedIn.

Role Purpose 

  • We aim at facilitating discourse on technology-related issues. A core aspect of this are events in which people can come together – be this workshops, panel discussions or roundtables. 
  • To bring an event to life, we work together between the marketing and policy team, with speakers and sometimes with partnering organizations. This benefits from coordination to create a coherent experience of our events for everyone across time. 
  • Of course, you are encouraged to also get engaged on specific topics of your interest and initiate own events if you like.

Role purpose 

  • We want to connect young people to shape Europe’s digital future. 
  • To represent young voices in Europe (as far possible for a young organization like us), we want to build a team that is exceptionally driven to shape Europe’s digital future and diverse regarding geographic and personal backgrounds, skillsets and other characteristics.

Role purpose 

  • We want to connect people who aim to shape Europe’s digital future.  
  • To facilitate this, we provide a communication platform.  
  • Also, you are encouraged to implement you own (technical) perspectives on discussions within the team.