Europe's Digital Future

Mission Statement

Shaping Europe's Digital Future

Our goal is to connect and inspire a diverse and curious community of young Europeans to shape multidisciplinary discourse on digital technologies of the future. 
We aim to do so by creating an idea, learning and action hub for digital natives to shape a socially sustainable digital future of the continent. 

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Digitization has an ever-growing impact on our lives and our futures in and beyond Europe that becomes increasingly hard to understand due to its pace and complexity. While we, as young Europeans, constitute for the next generations of citizens, experts and decision-makers, our voices lack representation in the discourse with the political and corporate stakeholders who shape shape the future of our economy and society through and with technology.

With Europe’s Digital Future, we seek to change this by creating a hub for young Europeans that empowers you!

Knowledge Building

To learn about technology, the stakeholders who shape it and its effects on society by engaging with experts and peers


Access to a of a diverse and curious community to share perspectives and ideas


Engagement with political and corporate stakeholders to advance youth representation in discourses on Europe's digital future

Our Team

We are a group of students with a diverse academic background, studying or working in different countries in Europe.


Media & Film Studies; Political Science @ Goethe University Frankfurt

Pursuing a double degree in Media & Film Studies as well as Political Science, Gabriel investigates the actors that shape the future of media and its implications for society. He has expertise in film industry research as well as international ICT trade and works on various projects which seek to inform citizens about various facets of digitalization. Gabriel is an avid proponent of multidisciplinary discourse and believes that dialogue between professions is essential to shaping a people-centric digital future. With EDF, he builds such formats for curious young people.


Junior Art Director @ Creative Agency

As a studied communication designer & junior art director of a creative agency, Niko works on the conception and design of digital applications. Her focus lies on the design of user-friendly and intuitive digital interfaces. The appropriate and safe use of Big Data as well as the implementation of transparent and fair digital applications is especially important to her. Within Europe's Digital Future, she advocates for these topics in a larger, European context.


Automation Engineering @ RWTH Aachen University; Management Science and Engineering @ Tsinghua University

Florian recently finished his studies with a double degree Master’s program. As a result of his studies, he combines different perspectives on the digital future of Europe: In the field of automation engineering, he has worked on autonomous driving - in particular on trajectory planning for ships. Furthermore, he has focused on optimization and operations research. At EDF, he aims to share his enthusiasm for these topics with a larger audience and to discuss their implications.


Industrial Engineering and Management @ KIT

As a recent graduate in industrial engineering and management at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Patricia dealt with interfaces between technology, digitalization, and business. Due to her interest in technology, she has gained practical experience in automotive, consulting, fintech, and venture capital. She is convinced that digitalization should be driven responsibly and designed to benefit civil society. To stimulate the discourse, Patricia recently organized a one-week seminar on privacy and data protection for 80 participants. With EDF, she wants to draw the attention of digital developments to an even broader audience and stimulate discourse.


Advanced Computer Science @ University of Oxford

William is 22 years old and did his undergrad in mathematics and computer science at École Polytechnique in France. He has worked on privacy preserving computations (homomorphic encryption in machine learning applications, multi-party computation for anonymous face recognition in video surveillance systems) and deep learning. Within the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, he has been and continues to be involved with different digitization initiatives.


Global Economic History PhD researcher @ University of Konstanz

Falco is PhD level researcher in the field of global economic history and the organizer of the Advanced Data and Information Literacy Track (ADILT) lecture series at the University of Konstanz. As part of his research he is thinking about the origins of digitalization tracing it back to the 19th century. Within EDF, he is especially interested in educational topics regarding data literacy and the problems digitalizing is solving as well as producing within modern and postmodern societies.


Technology Policy @ University of Cambridge

Sofie is a graduate student in Technology Policy at University of Cambridge with previous experience in the cloud industry and cybersecurity. She is a passionate internet policy advocate, representing youth voices in international discourse such as in the 16th UN Internet Governance Forum. Currently, she engages in several initiatives that educate and involve young people in matters of privacy, future technologies, and EU digital policies. Sofie is a co-organizer of the bi-annualy Good Data Assembly and a research analyst for the Good Data Initiative.


Associate @ Strategy&

Lukas works as a strategy consultant at Strategy&. His areas of interest include digital health, climate tech and business model innovation. He completed his Bachelors in Business Administration at the Berlin School of Economics and Law and did his Masters in Mgmt. of Information Systems at the London School of Economics (LSE). During his Masters he focused on value creation in platform-based ecosystems and AI-based business models.


Math @ University of Oxford

Thrilled by the intersection of computer science and mathematics, Nikolas obtained two bachelor's degrees in these fields and is currently studying for a master's degree in mathematics. As a self-employed web developer during his studies, he encountered common digitalization problems of small and medium-sized European businesses. But he is also committed to a digital future for very personal reasons. For instance, he has never had a printer and thus apostatizes every time administrative bodies disacknowledge his digitally signed forms. As part of EDF, he is pushing fruitful discussions and ideas to overcome such issues and catapult Europe to the forefront of digitalization.