Europe's Digital Future

Europe'S Digital Future

How is tech built and in which ways does it affect the future of society and work?

Have you ever wondered how decisions about our digital future get made?

Do you look for peer-exchange on digitization?

We are Looking for Support!

Europe’s Digital Future (EDF) brings together a group of highly motivated and pan-European young people with diverse perspectives on technology. Our shared mission makes us a dynamic and fast-moving initiative with connections into the wider technology ecosystem – from policy and research to business. Our teams work remotely by default and get together at least once a year for a summit. Team members might travel to specific on-site events as part of their engagement with EDF.

Our members have an open mind, respect diversity and show interest in recent trends and issues. Furthermore, we commit ourselves to a process of ongoing learning and can work constructively in an international team. We look for people who are curious about technologies and their impacts on society, politics and the industry.

You should bring:

An important note! We are looking for people, not robots! The tasks and profiles provided below are suggestions for profiles. Please feel encouraged to apply, even if your profile does not completely match the outlined details or you are wishing for slightly different tasks. We can figure out how best include you in our team throughout the application process.

Also, please do not hesitate to get in touch in case of any further questions!

To apply for any of the positions (as well as for unsolicited applications), just fill out this form:

Role purpose 

We want to…

  • Communicate youth perspectives on digitization to relevant stakeholders,
  • Develop paths for youth engagement and representation in decision-making processes in politics, industry and beyond,
  • Enable you to
    • advance curiosity and/or first insights about tech governance into more substantial policy-related skills
    • proactively advance our agenda on your relevant areas of interest
    • expand your networks to become a voice in European technology discourses

Your tasks

As a Policy Fellow, you will…

  • Generate written outputs, such as blog entries, policy briefs or social media statements in the context of European youth perspectives on digital and technology issues.
  • Compile communication strategies to reach relevant target groups.
  • Act as part of the EDF voice on national and Europe-wide platforms and events to represent youth perspectives on technology-related issues. This can, but does not have to, include the attendance on panels, workshops, events and conferences as a speaker or participant.

Your profile

You bring…

  • Curiosity for technology policy and respective youth representation in Europe
  • At least one relevant policy area you would like to investigate
  • Solid writing and communicative skills in English, as well as a structured approach to work

Role purpose 

  • Shaping EDF’s image towards stakeholders and the public. 
  • Creating Awareness with different stakeholders like policymakers, media, youth groups, academia and the broader public to facilitate tech-discourse and youth representation within it. 
  • Continuously conveying our message, spreading relevant news and creating engagement through various channels like our website and LinkedIn.

Your tasks 

  • Designing, conducting, and evaluating marketing strategies in close cooperation with the team in an inside-out approach. 
  • Curating social media content (LinkedIn), keeping in touch with stakeholders and updating the EDF-website. 
  • Improving and utilizing visual corporate identity. 
  • Contributing to project development within the marketing team according to own interests and strengths.

Your profile 

  • You have a creative spirit and are willing to learn in a team of mixed backgrounds. You have a strong interest or gained first experience in online marketing, social media or graphic design. 
  • You are willing to integrate yourself into a team of ambitious volunteers and cooperatively develop a coherent message for Europe’s Youth in digital discourses. 
  • Ideally, you have first experience in designing or producing online content or websites. If not, don’t hesitate to apply – we’re all still learning! 

Role Purpose 

  • We aim at facilitating discourse on technology-related issues. A core aspect of this are events in which people can come together – be this workshops, panel discussions or roundtables. 
  • To bring an event to life, we work together between the marketing and policy team, with speakers and sometimes with partnering organizations. This benefits from coordination to create a coherent experience of our events for everyone across time. 
  • Of course, you are encouraged to also get engaged on specific topics of your interest and initiate own events if you like.

Your Tasks 

  • Organizing and implementing virtual, hybrid or in person events on current topics relevant to EDF members.  
  • Communicating with and coordinating internal teams (marketing, website, partnerships) and external stakeholders (audience, speakers) in preparation for an event. 
  • Ensuring appropriate communication and coverage of our events (together with marketing team). 
  • Developing metrics to track and monitor performance of the event and participant satisfaction.

Your profile 

  • You have good organizational and project management skills and first experience in hosting events. 
  • Ideally, you have gained first experience in preparing a range of event communications materials (event descriptions, website content, etc.) and measurement of event outcomes. 

Role purpose 

  • We want to connect young people to shape Europe’s digital future. 
  • To represent young voices in Europe (as far possible for a young organization like us), we want to build a team that is exceptionally driven to shape Europe’s digital future and diverse regarding geographic and personal backgrounds, skillsets and other characteristics.

Your tasks 

  • Set up and conduct interviews with prospective participants. 
  • Communicate with applicants throughout the application process. 
  • Work together with different teams to update role descriptions, create outreach materials and send out calls for applications. 
  • Refine onboarding processes and materials.

Your profile 

  • You enjoy working and communicating with people. 
  • Ideally, you have previous experience in a human resources or recruiting related internship or another placement. 

Role purpose 

  • We want to connect people who aim to shape Europe’s digital future.  
  • To facilitate this, we provide a communication platform.  
  • Also, you are encouraged to implement you own (technical) perspectives on discussions within the team. 

Your tasks 

  • Maintain the technical aspects of our website.
  • Administration of Mattermost communication platform. 
  • Further development of our event administration tool. 

Your profile 

  • You are a technology enthusiast. 
  • You have coding experience, preferably in web development.

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