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Internet Governance and the Voice of the Youth (2/2)

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Updated: July 28, 5pm – 7pm CET


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Involving civil society in technology discourses: internet governance and the voice of the youth – Part II

What is Internet Governance? And why should more young people being the most affected by technological change engage in it? In this two-part online event, we discuss youth participation and its effectiveness when it comes to the rules, policies and practices shaping global cyberspace. We will learn from both high-level experts and experienced youth ambassadors about fruitful ways for digital natives to engage and their expectations on future developments.

Young people are the ones whose private and professional lifes will be most influenced by digitization and innovation. We are already the most tech-savvy user group in many digital areas. Nevertheless, most decisions about technologies and investments in technology policy are made by significantly older decision-makers.
Fortunately, youth perspectives are being increasingly included in the discourse on internet governance. The UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) has taken a first step by inviting young people to get involved in their multi-stakeholder process bringing together policymakers with the technical community, civil society, industry groups, and more. 

If you are interested in shaping our digital future, this event will give you insights on how and why to engage in public discourse on technology topics. In the second session, experienced youth ambassadors Jazmin Fallas Kerr, Nicholas Moulios and Innocent Adriko join us to discuss best practices on how to engage effectively in international technology policy discourse. The international panel will share their previous experiences and positions as representatives in various organizations and give advice on how to get involved. The workshop will have an open and interactive character to enable joint deliberation and adaptation to the interests of the audience.

This is the second part of the event. Click here to view the first event.


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Jenna Fung

Hong Kong

Jenna Fung is the Digital Policy & Community Relations Manager of DotAsia Organisation who oversees the youth program, NetMission Academy, and other regional community projects. She has been involved in Youth Internet Governance Forum (yIGF) in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific as coordinator since 2018. She is also representing NetMission.Asia as one of the ALS Representatives at Asia Pacific Regional At-Large Organisation (APRALO) at ICANN. She is also an elected YCIG steering committee member for the Asia Pacific group for 2022.She has also been engaged in the secretarial team of the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) and part of the organizing committee of the Asia Pacific Internet Governance Academy (APIGA) since 2019.

Mauricia Abdol-Tshilunda

South Africa

Mauricia is the CEO of Data Works Communications (DWC), a consultancy enterprise in the Education sector. She uses her background in Communication, Gender Studies and Psychology to develop life enhancing programs for marginalized communities through various ICT solutions. DWC is a proud Global Youth and EducationUSA advising center supporting youth and young professionals to study and work in the United States of America. As a focused CSI initiative, DWC addresses the UN-SDG 5 namely gender equality by elevating the voices of African women and girl youths in technology through its subsidiary NPO, the ElevateHER Africa Network.

Innocent Adriko


Innocent Adriko is a student of International Relations with a background in Information Technology, and holds diverse training in Human Rights and Internet Governance. He has recently been a Contractor on Individual Membership Engagement at the Internet Society and leads advocacy at the DearGovernments organization. He is a member of the Internet Society-Uganda Chapter and coordinates the Uganda Youth Internet Governance Forum. Innocent has worked at the intersection of Digitalization, Human Rights and Humanity for the last three years, engaging most in the Internet Governance ecosystem.

Gustavo Souza


Gustavo is a social inclusion and digital rights activist from Brazil focusing on the intersections between technology, natural environment and rights of minority groups, and has been engaged with internet governance for the past six years. Currently, he is working on two different initiatives funded by the Open Society Foundations; for emancipating digital rights in Brazil and another against online environmental disinformation in the Amazon rainforest.

Jazmin Fallas Kerr

Costa Rica

Jazmin is a digital rights, human rights and social responsibility activist from Costa Rica, working in the social project management field. She is the director of Laboratorio de Innovacion Social BoaPaz and won different prizes, like the 25 under 25 awardee from Internet Society. She is currently a member of the advisory youth committee Generación Bicentenario in her country.

Nicholas Moulios


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