Quantum Resistant Cryptography (March 4th, 2021)

Quantum Resistant Cryptography on its Road to Practice

March 4th, 2021, 18.00 – 20.00 Uhr CET
The event will be in German.

Quantum resistant cryptography – what is it about?
Quantum computers are superior to conventional computer systems in performing certain types of computations. This is advantageous in e.g. economic optimization problems or simulations in a medical context. However, this approach to computation also has the potential to compromise cryptographic protocols which are widely used to secure digital communication ranging from messaging to financial transactions. Especially in the past 20 years, various research institutions, government agencies, and companies have been investigating alternative mathematical problems that can form a basis for the development of new cryptosystems. These systems which are subsumed under the title of “Post-Quantum Cryptography” (PQC) are designed to be resistant against both conventional and quantum computer-based attacks. In this context, the notions of “Quantum Cryptography” or “Quantum Key Distribution” (QKD) have recently enjoyed increasing attention. In theory provably secure, quantum-mechanical effects could also provide protection from attackers. But the road to practice is a long one. There are still many open questions on the path from theoretical work to secure implementations and their integration in existing protocols – and eventually to sufficient experience with practical applications.

Goal of the webinar:
The keynote talk by researcher Stefan-Lukas Gazdag will outline new opportunities, problem fields, and limitations of different approaches, reflect on the current state of research in the field and explain the necessary steps towards real-world application.

Stefan-Lukas Gazdag, genua GmbH a leading organization for the protection of complex and critical digital infrastructures of companies and public organizations.

18.00 Welcome
18.10 Input on Quantum Cryptography by Stefan-Lukas Gazdag (genua GmhH)
19.00 Q&A and discussion
19.20 Small-group discussion in breakouts
from 19.30 Free networking (open end)

tim.schroeder@digital-ftr.eu and laura.ritter@digital-ftr.eu