Europe's Digital Future

Europe'S Digital Future

2022 Series

The Europe’s Digital Future 2022 Panel Series is funded by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. You can sign up for the events individually, or sign up for the entire series.

2022 Series


July 26

Part 1: Internet Governance and the Voice of the Youth


September 27

Digital Euro

Panel Discussion


Of NFTs, Creators and Decentralized Distribution: The Impact of Web3 on Cultural Industries


Meta-who, Meta-where, Meta-what? De-constructing the Buzzword, its Pillars, and Implications for Policy

July 28

Part 2: Internet Governance and the Voice of the Youth

Peer Workshops

September 29

Decentralized Nation

Presentation & Discussion


Dialectics of Digital Buzzword Bonanzas –On the Misconceptions that Inhibit Europe’s Digital Future